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A process of how we deliver the best result that you want.

How it works

Ready to build a perfect
Brand Website?

Our process is very simple and strait forward. Your can start right away.


Send Information

You send us information about your brand / business / services, whatever it is that you want to show on your website. You should include your current website address and 3 or 4 websites of your liking.


We will contact you as soon as we can with analysis and offer.

We will analyze your information, your current website, the data on your existing website (if any). We will come up with our proposal. We will inform you about what we can do for you in how much time.


Start building your brand online.

If above two steps go well and you like what we have to say about your business, you give us a "go". And we get started working on your website on our servers. You will be able to watch the progress if your like.


Go Live

Once you are happy with the design and functionality, we get information about your server and transfer the website over to you.


Hire us

It is very simple. 
PS. We don’t mind looking at your inquiry.

You can get our attentions for free.


Questions in your mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Usually we don’t ask too much upfront. But if you send us all information, that is ok too.

go to our Get Quote page to get started

Once we agree on some grounds then we start with basic information and we ask you for more information as the project starts to take shape.

this is not very important step but it is good that we know what type of design your are expecting from us. it is always good to have some kind of reference point rather then shooting in open sky.

What exactly do you want us to design for your brand?

If it is website and some pictures and some info-graphics for your website, Yes we can do it. 

If there is more to your branding, well your have to discuss with us. We might be able to help you with that. Not necessarily.


Most popular questions

We are comfortable to use any communication method that you like.

You can send us emails, whatsapp if that what you like, Slack, trello, discord.

Anything that you are comfortable with, just let us know.

We don’t have set rules for how we charge for our skills.

it depends on the conversation between us and you. 

We can work for hour based jobs, but we are also good with total project price.

We track our time with toggl. We also use clockify. You can also hire us on upwork for more details about your time spent.

Upwork Profile

it is not always fixed. our current average on upwork is 20$ to 25$. You can hire use on upwork or you can hire use directly and we will tack your time with clockify or toggl.

Anything Else in Mind?

Just send us and email. We don’t mind responding to your inquiries.